Gas prices sour; hotels forced to close!  | Breaking News

Due to the shortage of gas, traders are selling gas at various prices in the range of Rs. 2500-3500. Despite being sold at different prices, consumers are facing severe difficulties as they are unable to obtain gas.

Theshara Jayasinghe, Chairman of Litro Gas, said the shortage would end in a week as a ship carrying gas has arrived. He also said that 80,000 gas cylinders are released to the market daily.

Meanwhile, the National Collective for the Protection of Litro points out that the inability to supply cheap gas to consumers is due to the current gas supply agreement signed under the influence of the Ministry of Finance.

The President of the Collective for the protection of Litro had told the Aruna newspaper that according to the agreement signed with Oman Trading, a metric ton of gas has been purchased at a high price of $800, which could have been purchased at around $600 in the open market. Further, he said that while it is possible to transport a metric ton of gas at a cost of $25 a higher price of $ 105 per ton had to be paid.

Many hotels and eateries are also finding it difficult to operate due to the shortage of gas. Yesterday, many hotels had closed due to the unavailability of gas.

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