Crime on the rise as police functions on ministers' whims | Breaking News

The appointment of OICs to police stations as preferred by MPs and ministers has led to a serious chaos in the Police Department as well as an increase in crimes.

Citing a senior police spokesman, the ‘Deshaya’ newspaper reports that there are currently 485 police stations operating islandwide and 95% of the OICs appointed to these stations are appointed on the recommendation of MPs and ministers.

The newspaper further reports :

Some OICs are not qualified to hold the post and cannot even read basic legal reports. Although the Police Headquarters has objected to such appointments, their protests have fallen on deaf ears due to the political influences.

Recently, a government affiliated political party powerful in the plantation area had charged that OICs to 4 prominent police stations had not been appointed as per their preference. They had sternly informed the minister in charge of the police that they would resign from the government.

The discipline of the police force has also deteriorated due to such political appointments.

Of late, a number of police officers have faced many allegations and public ire due to their conduct.

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