Legalize Prostitution – SLPP-MP Kokila | Breaking News

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Kokila Gunawardena has said that she is in favour of legalizing prostitution.

She said that she was making this controversial statement according to her conscience, adding that she was opposed to women being sexually exploited.

She said this while participating in the program ‘Thulava’ program on ITN. 

“I am personally in favour of legalizing prostitution. Even during Buddha’s time the prostitution trade existed. This is the world’s oldest profession. I know that the statement I am making is a controversial subject, but I speak according to my conscience…

See what is happening today… aren’t these prostitutes exploited?… The Trishaw driver exploits them….If not, those operating these prostitution rings or the pimps exploit them…

Moreover, I believe that if a woman wants to sell her body willingly, if it is legalized, these innocent women will make a living by it and take care of their families without getting into trouble or having to go to prison for it. I strongly believe that by legalizing prostitution, we would be able to stop this exploitation.

As a woman, I am against the sexual exploitation of women. I am not saying that those rights should be given to build the economy of this country.

As a woman, when an innocent woman in the village is helpless, I am against a man who goes and sells her and takes ten thousand rupees and gives her a thousand.”

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