Govt.’s popularity fast diminishing as never before: NPP | Sri Lanka News

Claiming that the popularity of the government was fast diminishing as never before, the National Peoples’ Power (NPP) said today the government was using various ploys to divert the people’s attention from burning issues.

NPP MP Harini Amarasooriya told a news conference that no other government which came to power with a remarkable mandate had lost its popularity within a short period of time in Sri Lankan history.

“The popularity of this government has diminished even before two years have lapsed. A number of crises have erupted in various sectors. For the last 73 years, we have seen that it has been the tradition of the governments to use various ploys to divert peoples’ attention from burning issues. This government is also using the same tactic now,” she said.

The MP said the government was trying to incite racism, religious extremism and create divisions among the people while taking various actions to restrict democratic scope.

Dr. Amarasooriya said the government was intervening in the legal system of the country and added that the law was implemented differently whereas it came to power pledging to ensure “One country One Law” concept.

“A separate law is implemented on people who voice against the government and those who express their opinion on the Easter Sunday attack. Politicians and religious leaders such as Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando, who voiced his opinion on the Easter Sunday attack, was facing various threats and was plotting to arrest him. A different law is implemented on people who are partial to the government,” she said and added that cases of government cronies were being withdrawn surprisingly.

“This will tarnish the image of the country internationally as some of these cases were involved in human right violations,” she said.(Ajith Siriwardana)

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