Teachers refuse to attend school over SLPP member's threats | Breaking News

A group of parents of Mederigama Vidyalaya in Mawanella staged a protest yesterday (03) in support of the teachers.

However, a heated situation has arisen after the protest was opposed by several regional politicians of the reigning Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, including the Vice President of the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha – K.G. Piyatissa.

The Police were also summoned to control the situation.
Addressing the parents, Mr. Piyatissa had urged them not to engage in such protests in a backdrop where the government is in such a difficult position.
He has claimed to possess text messages sent by certain teachers to their colleagues, asking them to stop online lessons, even when the government had continued to pay their salaries during the Covid-19 pandemic.
With this, the teachers of the school had handed over a letter to the Zonal Education Directress, saying that they cannot report to work amid the threats of the Pradeshiya Sabha Vice President.
Speaking to media later, Mr. Piyatissa had said, “I intervened because this was the school I had attended since primary grades. Also because people were brought in from outside the area for the protest. The Covid-19 patients in our area do not know that outsiders are being brought for protests, paving the way for a 4th wave. Therefore, such interventions must be done to save the lives of the area. That is why I decided to intervene and put a stop to this.”

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