SL strengthens war on drugs amidst high burglary rate | Sri Lanka News

Sri Lanka’s police force has further strengthened its war against the sales and distribution of drugs as an increase in the crime rate by drug addicts, especially burglaries have been reported throughout the country in recent weeks, a senior police official told Daily Mirror last evening.

The police official said that a rise in burglaries, on private residences and business establishments by gangs who were addicted to drugs, had led to the police force increasing security in several areas including Colombo.the senior officer added that the Police Narcotic Bureau along with the STF was conducting a massive operation to nab those involved in drugs as they had noted it was mainly these parties that were involved in thefts and robberies, as they desperately hunted for money to purchase the drugs.

According to information, the drug addict community was rising in Sri Lanka with an estimated 80, 000 people reported three years ago but now according to shadow reports, this community had increased to 120,000 members presently.the police officer said there were more members joining this community, which is why the Narcotic Bureau along with the STF continued massive operations. Presently a packet of heroin is available at an estimated Rs. 3, 000 and according to senior police officers, drug addicts require two packets a day which leads to a sum of

Rs.6, 000 a day. In 30 days, this figure totals to Rs.180, 000.“So when Rs.180, 000 is required a month, these drug addicts resort to thefts and burglaries to find the money,” the official said.

In addition to massive operations against drugs, the police have called for further assistance to stop the demand of drugs especially among the youngsters. “This calls for a wider social responsibility. While the police will continue with its operations, we need to stop the demand of drugs and for this educational institutions, religious leaders, parents, teachers all have to play a role in carrying out awareness campaigns and educating the children on the dangers of using drugs. This requires the assistance of all stakeholders,” the official said.

In recent weeks, an increase in incidents of burglaries, thefts, robberies have been reported from several areas of the country. (JAMILA HUSAIN)

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