Chinese embassy gets report on reasons for not purchasing Chinese fertilizer! | Breaking News

It is reported that the Secretaries of the Ministries of State and the Agriculture Ministry have decided to submit to the Chinese Embassy, a report containing the reasons for the rejection of the fertilizer on board the ship containing the controversial Chinese organic fertilizer.

Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Senior Professor Udith K. Wijewardena told the media that the relevant report will be submitted including the manner in which the relevant order should be carried out and the rejection of fertilizer due to non-compliance with the proper standards.

 It has been decided to issue the report to other responsible institutions as well, the ministry secretary said.

It is reported that the relevant ministers are expected to submit the report today.

However, the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that a full report would be prepared and issued to the relevant parties, including the Chinese Embassy, in due course regarding the situation.

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